1. What is DESAVO?

2. Is DESAVO the same as Pure-MSK?

3. What materials are used to make the DESAVO masks?

4. How many layers are the DESAVO masks?

5. Are the DESAVO masks N95?

6. Are the DESAVO masks KF94?

8. Is double masking necessary with the DESAVO mask?

9. Where are your masks made?

10. What are the dimensions of your masks?

11. The mask is too loose. How can I make it tighter?

12. Can I return my masks and get a refund?

13. Can the masks be washed or disinfected?

14. Are the masks reusable?

15. How many times can I wear the mask before I need to replace it?

16. How many hours per day can I wear the mask?

17. Do you ship outside of the US?

18. Can you ship via USPS?

19. When can I expect to receive my order?

20. Can you update my billing information?

21. What is the shelf life of the masks?

22. Is there any latex in your products?

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Are your masks reusable/washable?

What are the dimensions of the Regular/Small masks?

Are your masks certified by NIOSH as N95?


When can I expect to receive my order?

Do you ship to Canada?

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