How Effective Are Face Masks?

A recent study by Dr. Manhar Dhanak, Chair of the Engineering Department at Florida Atlantic University regarding the efficacy of different masks, compared the Nano Air Mask to the top #1 online selling mask and a new cloth mask. 

“The test results show that the Nano Air Mask performs better than the cloth masks tested and as well as an N95 mask in terms of filtration of aerosolized droplets but is much lighter and more comfortable to wear." 


Nano Air Mask Featured On CNN 

As you may have seen, Professor Dhanak was also recently interviewed on Anderson Cooper 360 by CNN as part of a coronavirus pandemic special headlined “Which masks work best?” 

Apart from CNN, Nano Air Mask was also recently recognized by The Today Show, Luxe Beat, RT, and Money as one of the best disposable face masks on the market. 

We are humbled by the recognition and inspired to keep doing our part to help empower and keep people safe as America reopens. 


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